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Cypress / NVIDIA – Powerful new touchscreen designs for upcoming Android-based tablets (CY8CTMA884)

Source:本站   Time:2014-11-05

Cypress Semiconductor has announced that it is working with NVIDIA to develop touchscreen implementations for upcoming Android-based tablets. The designs are based on Cypress’s single-chip TrueTouch solution for large touchscreens up to 11.6 inches and the NVIDIA Tegra mobile super chip.

NVIDIA Tegra ushered in a new wave of super phones and tablets with never-before-seen experiences. With the world’s first mobile dual-core CPU, Tegra delivers the whole web with hardware-accelerated Flash, and brings HD video and console-quality gaming with an NVIDIA GeForce GPU.

The new, high-performance CY8CTMA884 TrueTouch solution is the first single-chip controller for large multitouch touchscreens up to 11.6 inches. The CY8CTMA884 family offers 60 sensing I/O channels with support for up to 884 nodes on the screen, more than any other single-chip solution available on the market. Additional sensing channels are essential for greater accuracy, linearity, support for smaller sized fingers and the ability to resolve multiple fingers close together. It provides 10-finger touch support, low power consumption; grip and palm rejection, high accuracy, and fast scan times.

“We’re pleased to team with NVIDIA on upcoming tablet designs,” said Derek Richardson, Sr. director of Cypress’s Large Touchscreen Business Unit. “The NVIDIA Tegra processor and the TrueTouch single-chip solution are ahead of the competition, and the result will be some of the highest-performance tablets available on the market.”

Bill Henry, director of Tegra platform management, NVIDIA, added, “Cypress is one of the leaders in touchscreen technology, and we’re excited to work with them to bring a great touch experience to upcoming tablets with Tegra. Customers can now build tablets that use less power, with an easy and simple design.”

The flexible Cypress TrueTouch solution allows users to rapidly develop leading-edge solutions without having to buy turnkey modules. They have a choice of using touch sensors (glass or film) and LCDs from preferred partners, and can develop innovative mechanical designs ranging from flat to curved surfaces of varying thickness. In addition, TrueTouch devices offer Cypress’s legendary noise immunity with patented capacitive sensing technology that enables flawless operation in noisy RF and LCD environments, says the company.

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